Dimensions of Oppression in U.S. Institutional Medicine

Primary source analysis of Serena Williams’ article on childbirth trauma as a Black woman, despite her economic class and notoriety.

The Sound of a Flower

Media analysis of the South Korean film
The Sound of a Flower and its historical references to East Asian performing arts.

Latent Consequences of Societal Machines

Academic reflection on discrimination and domestic terrorism in the United States.

Symbolic Universe & Collective Consciousness

Academic reflection on how society has influenced the world and the life I live.

Interaction Order
& Social Institutions

Academic reflection on religion as an institution within the United States’ social structure.

Victim Impact Statement

A victim impact statement describes the emotional, physical, and social aftermath people experience after surviving the trauma of sex crimes.

Military Portfolio

The videography tab is now updated! Here you can find the multimedia products created during my eight years of service in the Air Force.