Therapy Quotes

In recovery, the objective is for the past to become a very tiny part of your very large, confident, capable and free self. Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.


It’s time for you to come first.


Pain + Avoidance = Suffering


Music provides a rhythm for healing.


It’s hard to convince yourself of something you don’t believe. What happened? What’s influencing you? Outside factors matter too. Sometimes we move to execution before evaluation Slow down, step back and thought challenge long enough to avoid unwanted reactions or impulsive decisions.


Being vulnerable or having vulnerabilities does not give anyone the right to violate you. People who see that as an opportunity are the problem.


It’s going to be difficult to trust yourself if you only define your worth through other’s validation.


You’re still learning the difference between being responsible TO someone and being responsible FOR someone. You were trying to help them, but it was more than they were willing to help themselves. Now your top priority needs to be the things you desire, value and need for your recovery.


You are heard.
You are worthy.
You are deserving.


My goal is to become my own reason to live.


Light can only get in when the door to learning is open.


I hate the word “culture” when describing work places, because what does that even mean? What we are talking about is behavior. Calling it culture allows people to distance themselves from the hard work of looking at emotions and behaviors from within.


Emotions are not good or bad. We have to identify, acknowledge, and process them.


It takes a team to unravel trauma. Allow yourself to be held as your wounds are being tended to.


Setting boundaries teaches others to respect your time, thoughts, feelings, actions and energy.


Sometimes we accidently change ourselves to belong, but we always have the choice to reclaim our lives.


Sometimes it’s hard to see small changes because we’re too close. If lapses are an expectation, you won’t be as set back when it happens. It’s intimidating to try again when we perceive something doesn’t work or we’ll never get it right. That’s a lot of weight on yourself to balance. With consistency, patience and self-love, you will see results.


Let the version that you were teach you. Le the version that you are comfort you. Let the version that you are becoming inspire you. You are who you needed to be in every phase of your journey.


Just because you learn a tool doesn’t mean you will be perfect at using it or that life will be easy. It’s about recognizing spirals and reframing where you’re at. Changing those screams to whispers and persisting.


Discovering who you are is more important than trying to prove yourself to harsh critics.


“I’m getting better, but it’s clunkier than I hoped.”
“It’s interesting you thought healing from trauma would be anything but clunky. Have compassion and patience with yourself as you brave the dark.”


Are you grounded or distracted? Outlets can become extreme, changing from mindful to numbing. Self-care is not an escape, it’s being present and processing your emotions.


Nervousness goes away with readiness.


Here today for a better tomorrow.


Ignoring things does not preserve peace.


A lot of people mistake you to be fearless, but you are just that brave. Remember you don’t have to be brave every day.


Patterns of our communication take a lot of time and energy to alter. Have patience and grace with yourself.


Justice assesses what is owed, not to victims, but to society. I don’t want to choose between my own health and seeking justice anymore.


You are not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and your raging courage.


Stop expecting those who see you as a threat to support you.


Radical Acceptance
Practice Willingness.
Notice Willfulness.


Trying to change the unwilling is a 100% fail rate mission.


When people show you their red flags, show them your white flag and peace out.


Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts.


You can’t keep her in a cage, clip her wings, tell her lies, say that fragile birds were never meant to fly. Watch her live behind a rusted door, latched tight, her spirit slipping away so you can keep her in sight. Beautiful creatures cannot be confined. Her wings will grow and she’ll find the sky.