Veterans Day Emotions

What are you thanking veterans for today?

Let’s be intentional and mindful of the full spectrum of emotions that arise when mentioning someone’s #military service. Some vets are proud. Some vets are ashamed. And most vets feel an array of complicated emotions that fall every which way in between.

Not everyone serves honorably and not every sacrifice is necessary (even if we’ve convinced ourselves otherwise to make peace with things). Sometimes being the “hero” is synonymous with suffering and I wanted to make space to acknowledge this dissonance, especially today.

I’m deeply grateful for the wingmen that had my back through unthinkable circumstances and for being honest in our messy understanding of being humans within a rigid, imperialist institution. The bond I have with other veterans is indescribable and I am both confused and overwhelmed by that.

I’m grateful, resentful, proud, hurt, and most days I’m these feelings and more – all at once. The #AirForce built me and the Air Force broke me (many times over, in no particular order). Let’s be honest about complicated and contradictory feelings so we can seek the safety and resources needed to create a healthy understanding of our lived experiences.

by Cambria Nesryn | 11.11.2022

#DisabledVeteran #PTSD #Mindfullness #Integrity #Humanity #Society


Mind Matters With Div,, Nov. 11, 2022